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Envirostains are our line of water based, non-acid polymer bonded stains that penetrate into the concrete surface to produce vibrant long lasting UV resistant colors that enhance any concrete surface. Envirostains contain no arsenic, lead, or mercury and very low organic solvents that conform to all VOC regulations. Available in 18 colors with 11 being "translucent" making them look just like reactive stains. E-mail us a photo if you need help matching colors to something existing. 1 gallon yields up to 250 sq ft of coverage.


It is recommended to mechanically open the surface of the concrete before applying or use our Super Blue concrete renovator that removes oils and etches the surface. All of the colors can be diluted with water for better control and lightening of the color. If the stain tends to bead or freckle a mist of water will lay it flat and induce penetration. Using a pump up sprayer with an adjustable nozzle is the preferred method of installing. Use a medium circular motion while applying. For a multi-toned acid stain look choose a base color and two complimentary colors. Apply the base color over the floor getting around 80% coverage. Then apply the next two colors covering the remaining 20%.

Envirostain, Non-Acid Polymer, Concrete Surface Enhancement, Concrete Renovation | Equipment One, Tulsa, OK, United StatesIf you are removing carpet and Enviro Staining, use our Slick 'Em micro topping to fill in tack strip holes.

Many contractors use Envirostain to do repairs on floors where the sealer has clouded or the customer wants a different look. Envirostain bonds very well to acrylic sealer eliminating the need to strip. Always wait 24 hrs to reseal with water based sealer and 48 hours for solvent based sealers.

Slick 'Em Micro-Topping

Slick 'Em is perfect for filling in tack strip holes and small chips. It is grey and mixes easily with water to a pancake batter consistency. 48 oz is usually more than enough to do a 2500' home.

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Envirostain provides decorative concrete supplies to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Claremore, Skiatook, Bixby and Sand Springs, OK as well as the entire United States.